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Bay Area Russian American Business Affiliates Network
is an independent organization working to increase the quality and variety of entertainment events for the Russian-speaking community in the San Francisco Bay Area. We do this through an email list, the BARABAN web site, and by organizing, sponsoring and co-sponsoring entertainment events. BARABAN came about as a culmination of efforts from several organizations. It's ancestors were REC and RJCC. Many of the "Russian Disco" parties held in the Bay Area in recent memory had been brought to you by REC. In July of 1998, REC email list was merged with the larger RJCC list, growing the number of our email recipients to over 1200. This has resulted in improved service by both organizations to you, our valued customers. Our FREE access web site and email list, together serve thousands of satisfied information seekers with the most complete and up to date information on "Russian Entertainment" in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Currently, we are working closely with RJCC, Stanford Russian Club, SF Hillel Russian Club, Berkley Hillel Russian Club, Theatral Marathon, Russian Multimedia Club, Albert L. Schultz JCC Russian Program and numerous other local organizations and businesses to serve you, our valued customers. As we grow, we are planning to add other services and bring you additional high quality events in the near future…

Jake Jake was born in Kiev, Ukraine and immigrated to Denver, CO in 1979. After living in several places around the US, he has settled in Sunnyvale, CA in 1993. Jake has been an active participant in the Russian-speaking émigré communities, wherever he has lived. In 1995, Jake started RJCC - a virtual center for Young Russian Jewish Professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area. Since then, RJCC has provided community information and organized community events that have been instrumental in bringing this community closer together. Over the years, RJCC has grown and partnered with other community service organizations. In 1998 Jake joined the Board of Directors of one such organization, BACJRR and RJCC has become a program of BACJRR. Jake continues to head RJCC, as its president. Jake joined REC in July of 1998. Among other REC responsibilities, he took on the combined REC / RJCC email list. REC quickly outgrew its original purpose and was looking for a new direction. The answer came after Alex, REC founder, abandoned the project thereby dissolving it. BARABAN emerged from the ashes in April 1999, after Jake partnered with similar information providers in other US cities. Jake has earned several degrees, including an M.S. in Electrical Engineering and received numerous certificates, honors and patents. He has also been published in newspaper and magazine articles. He is currently a Marketing Manager at a computer company.

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